10 Essential Items for Your Ragnar Trail Camp

Creating the ultimate campsite at a Ragnar Trail Relay  is pretty much like creating an epic fort for the best sleepover ever. It will put the pillow forts from your past to shame. And for one weekend, that 300 square feet of dirt will become a home to you and your seven teammates. While layout and interior design is important in your own home, it’s even more important to have Feng Shui at your spot in the Ragnar Village. So, here’s everything you will need to create the homiest team campsite ever.

The core part of your fort is the tent. Though sleep is a rather strong word for the type of rest you’ll get at a Ragnar Trail, catnaps are much needed. Escape into a roomy 4-person tent for a quick break between your legs. With 45-minutes worth of rest, you’ll be ready to join your team for some antics and some running.
Ragnar Tent Village
Sleeping Bags, Pads and Pillows
The next step to decorating your fort is to fill your tent. Even if you’re not planning on sleeping much, sleeping bags can be used as warmth and pillows can be used for pillow fights (a sleepover-must). Bring one for each member on your team. Plus, at several of our races there is pre-race or post-race camping available and you’ll have everything you need for a night where you actually get sleep.

Hammocks add a bit of flare to your fort. They allow you to get in a quick rest without missing a moment of the action. Lay back in your hammock, watch the runners pass and cheer for your team.

Camp Chairs
Just as important as the sleeping area is the sitting area. A lot of the time you’re not running will be spent hanging out with your teammates, chatting and playing games. Have a few chairs set up to make your campground homey. Though most people tend to stick to furniture that is foldable and light, runners have been known to bring full couches.

A table is the backbone of your sitting area. It’s the surface that supports your card games, your meals, your dishes, your beer, your journal and your stove. It’s the perfect piece to add to your campsite to create balance throughout.

Camp Stove
No fort is complete without the ability to cook copious amounts of food you’ll need while running mile after mile. Bring along a camping stove to be able to cook your breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Just remember to save room for the free dinner and s’mores on Friday night!
S'mores at Ragnar
There’s no limit to what you can cook for breakfast at a Ragnar Trail. You can go with something as simple as oatmeal or as complex as a full bacon omelet with veggies that you have gathered while out on your run (but don’t rely on being able to find veggies). Topped with seasoning a-la-dirt, you can make it a better breakfast than any found at a diner.

This is the one place you’ll ever live where the less dishes, the better. One dish can be a mug for the free coffee and hot chocolate you’ll get, a bowl for your morning cereal and a plate if you try hard enough. Get a cup and mug that will be there for your every meal. Plus, since Ragnar Trail races are cupless races, you’ll need to bring your own to stay healthy, hydrated and caffeinated.

Camp Games
Whether you’re favorite camping game is Poker, Slap Jack, Catch Phrase, 20 questions, Beer Pong or a good game of Uno, bring everything you’ll need to keep amused between your runs. A stack of good board games and card games is the perfect thing to keep in your “family room”.

Whether you’re a stripes person, a checkerboard person, a gingham person or a houndstooth person, decorations make your campsite come to life. Match them with your team theme, coordinate your colors with the surrounding environment or simply bring as many glow sticks and Christmas lights as humanly possible.
Decorated Ragnar Campsite

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