What is Ragnar?

<h2>What is Ragnar?</h2>

Every Adventure is Better Together

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“Ragnar. Camaraderie. Personal achievement. Beer.”Alex
“Ragnar brings out my inner-child.”Burke
“Crazy, free, exhausted, sleepy, accomplished. Repeat.”Lin
“Strangers meet. Leave as family.”Cameron
“200-ish miles = unlimited memories.”Rick
“Ragnar, where strangers become forever friends.”Steve
“It's like an epic sleepover while running with some of your best friends.”Mindy
“It's like an amazing road trip with your friends, with some stops to run in between.”Kimberly
“30 hours of running, sweat, laughter, exhaustion, fun, friends, peanut butter, hugs, support, bathroom breaks, head lamps, cold, rain, sun, M&Ms, and the experience of a lifetime!”Kim